Name : Ervelyn
Previous institution : Universitas Pelita Harapan
University : Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake : January 2019

One thing I certain beyond question is I wouldn’t be where I am right now without JACK Study’s helping hand! Been acquired thousands of assistance with the documents screening (bank reference, certificate translation, etc), medical checkup, IELTS test, student visa application, accommodation arrangement, settle in, and not to mention the chance to obtain 50% scholarship from the university, I owe it all to JACK Study Abroad. Whenever I feel concerned, my agent has always got my back, reassured me, and responded remarkably fast so I don’t have anything to worry about.

To all of you who’s still contemplating, remember that “it always seems impossible until it’s done”. Start NOW with JACK Study Abroad and all you have to prepare is just your heart and soul to embrace a new chapter in life!

andreas caesar_571x445

Name : Andreas Caesar
Previous institution : SMA Tarakanita Gading Serpong
University : ANU College – Australia
Intake : October 2018

During high school, I have been thinking of Canberra when I think of studying abroad. But I did not know which university I should choose. Until I met JACK Study Abroad, they provided me the information and options I required for consideration. As it turns out, I choose Australian National University (ANU) as it is best university in Australia and ANU has the major matches my passion and interest. Thus, I decided to study at ANU through ANU College starting Oct 2018.

JACK Study Abroad really helped me until I arrive and start my study at ANU College. They assisted me to prepare what I needed to be enrolled at ANU College. They also provided me with tips for studying and living abroad. They arranged everything for me including accommodation and student visa etc. And they are still welcome to be contacted anytime If I need anything even after I have been starting my classes. This is I think will not get from any other agency.

I have just completed the first semester at ANU College at present, I enjoy it so far, as I have met many new friends to hangout and chat with, new places to explore and thanks to JACK Study Abroad for this. JACK Study Abroad is an excellent education agency and I’m grateful for their assistance.

Sherina Caroline Chang_297x445
Name : Sherina Caroline Chang
Previous institution : UPH College
University : Griffith University, Gold Coast – Australia
Intake : October 2018

Choosing the right university is a tough decision. You need to make sure to do enough research, that way you can find the one that suits you best. I am happy to say that I did the right choice. JACK Study Abroad helped me and guided me to where I am today. From being clueless, to the point where I am having the best time of my life here. I am now studying in Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia. I took the double degree program, majoring in Graphic Design and Business.

I have been studying here for almost one trimester now and I am enjoying it so far. New friends, new environment, new everything. Another perk of studying here in Gold Coast is you can never get bored. I study on the weekdays and go traveling on the weekends. I am forever grateful that JACK Study Abroad helped me made my choice to study here. I wouldn’t be having the time of my life if it wasn’t because of them.

reynaldo joshua_216x445

Name : Reynaldo Joshua Nathaniel Alowie
Previous institution : Ipeka Plus BSD
University : University of Western Australia – Perth – Australia
Intake : October 2018

At first, I had no idea about where I will be going after high school, and I didn’t know what subject to take either. I tried to browse for options, but it was very difficult since there are tons of universities. Luckily, my parents brought me to JACK Study Abroad Office, where finally I had better and clearer idea and chose 3 universities as options based on my interest and passion. After that, I did research on those universities, and even payed them a visit during school break. After careful consideration, I decided to study engineering and enrol at University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia.

Aside from that, I also attended JACK Study Abroad exhibitions, and I consult with the universities’ representatives from various universities about my study plan, I found this event useful as it has helped me to confirm my option.

I have been starting my studies for 2 months now, and honestly, I’m very glad I made this decision and chose this university. I enjoy my new environment and study in UWA – Perth, Australia. I met many new friends, and discovered new things I have never seen and tried before. The knowledge here perfectly just suits my capabilities and interests, and I love this place. I’m very grateful and thankful for the assistance of JACK Study Abroad for the whole process until I get into Perth – Australia.

bagas kumoro ardhy_572x445

Name : Bagas Kumoro Ardhy
Previous School : Universitas Indonesia
Intake : September 2018
University : Lancaster University – UK

Pursuing a master degree abroad has been my absolute dream, and JACK Study Abroad has helped me tremendously in achieving this. JACK Study Abroad helped me in choosing which country, university and program best suited for me, because I was such in a big dilemma at that time. JACK Study Abroad has many options of universities that you can choose, then I decided to study Master in Human Resource Management at Lancaster University as it is top ten university in the UK. Not only assistance in choosing the university, JACK Study Abroad has also assisted me in every step during the process until I depart to study in the UK! JACK Study Abroad had made this process so much ease and I recommend other prospective students to apply to your dream universities abroad through JACK Study Abroad! Thank you Jack Study Abroad!

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